With over 20 years of experience and supplying all types of party functions, from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Only using good quality professional sound and light equipment. I can travel all over North West of England to create a special evening of disco entertainment.

The compliments speaks for themselves. I often hear from guests at functions or party, saying “how good the evening was”..... too, “you're light show is amazing!” and “you're sound system is really clear!”


Most of the work I receive are from recommendations. I also receive enquires from various platforms, social media and through this very website.

I am happy to supply a face to face free consultation to discuss your wedding reception or party. To the all important first dance song, requests, timings and playlist and more

Many people like to create a playlist which shows their personalty and those all so special music memories. So every care is taken to play your style or era with a certain touch of experienced DJ magic. Whether its from the Rock 'n' Roll 50's, Motown 60's, 70's disco, Electric 80's, 90's Dance and through to the latter Naughty's and Teens.


It very easy to just start and stop songs, but it takes experience and creativity to play songs which link together and seemingly mix from one to another. This creates an excellent vibe for any occasion or party.

I always enjoy announcing your party, song, requests and information. Which brings a clear presentation over the microphone. Sometimes informational, sometimes humorous and sometimes the all important last orders...


As I have been supply disco for many years I have certain checks which helps the night run smoothly. From looking at the age range of the audience to checking the volume through out the evening. Its nice to have the volume lower earlier in the evening so guest can meet and greet each other. There is nothing worst than trying to shout over music when you haven't seen a friend for a long time.


The quality of the songs is very important from the equipment to music platform of the song itself. Many people are streaming music today. Which is great for personal use and convenience.

streaming sites quality of music is not as good as it could be and you can not always guarantee internet access especially in the Lake District or county house. The music I carry is on a portable device including spares devices. This ensures the highest reproduction of music, which can be recreated. So every note, drum beat, melody and lyrics, sounds as clear as it can. The music is weekly updated so that latest floor-filler can be heard with a touch of the button.


Carrying spare equipment, You never know when you may have a failure on the road. I must admit this is very rare but on that odd occasion.... I always carry backup Amplifiers, computers and hard drives. Lets say a light breaks, isn't a big issue as I have plenty. On the other hand lets say amplifier has broken, this could be catastrophic. So every effort is made to carry extra equipment in case the worst scenario happens and can be easily and seamlessly rectified.