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The prelude music selection on your big day will help create a fantastic, relaxing, but exciting atmosphere for your ceremony as your guests arrive at the church or your wedding venue.  Most venues have the facility to play music; however, I have a PA system that can be delivered and setup if required.  I can also supply the music, either by request or a pre-recorded set of the most popular songs depending upon the style you would like, for example, traditional music or something a little more familiar. Alternatively there is the option to plug in your ipad, iphone or computer to play your own music.


Early Evening Reception Music


As the evening guests arrive and the day time guests continue to enjoy the moment, everyone will be busy socialising and meeting new friends and family members, therefore, it's important for the DJ to maintain an adequate volume and play easy listening music to suit all tastes. A quality sound system will play a vital role in producing a nice audible sound, as cheap systems will often produce a piercing sound that can easily override
conversations even at a low volume. It can be difficult to know if the DJ you are booking has a great sound system; I can only answer for myself. I use a studio quality sound system with sub-bass speaker which sounds amazing. As regards to music, well, that often involves me people watching (not in a creepy way). For example, estimated age range, who’s tapping their feet or singing along, However, this method is not fool proof, and you can never judge a book by it's cover as I once discovered an elderly gentleman who loved house music!....therefore, I swap and change genres and decades every few songs in an attempt to play something for everyone alongside the method of people watching.  If there are a lot of children present, the early evening music can often be dictated by the children as they love to dance under the disco lights and for the not so shy children, perhaps a chance to be the DJ and introduce a few songs!
Music On The Night

I love weddings!...I get the chance to play all genres and decades of
music and show off my versatility. I try to cover most genres and different decades of music so that I play something for everyone, typical examples of popular genres and decades include the following:

Rock and Roll
70’s dance
old skool 90’s
the naughties
current charts
.....and more!

I’m always very happy to play request , many of my clients email
me a list of songs, but your guests can simply ask for songs on the night. I have a vast music selection to accommodate all musical taste!


Early evening reception musicEarly evening reception music


Early evening reception music


Early evening reception music

Book The Right DJ
One of the biggest worries for most couples is booking the right DJ.
Even if you don’t book my services, it could be very advantageous to read the following few paragraphs. It contains invaluable information which may not have even crossed your mind. This information may help you with deciding which DJ to book for your big day or party and ultimately give you peace of mind.

"PAT test and public liability insurance?"

Most professional DJ’s who work in the industry will already have PAT test and public liability insurance, however, some DJ’s work part time and don’t operate as a serious business and not having PAT tested equipment or public liability insurance will often result in the venue refusing the DJ to operate on their premises. It’s always a good idea to check if your DJ has these certificates and ask the venue if they would like to see a copy of them too. I sometimes receive calls from clients asking if they can book me on the last minute as the DJ they had booked is not allowed on the venues premises due to not having the relevant certificates.

“Equipment failure!"

Unfortunately, equipment failure can happen at the most inconvenient moment, however, most serious and professional DJ’s will have some provision in place to tackle this issue. For example, spare laptop containing a substantial music library. Hard drive failure on a laptop is one of the most common problems and will render the DJ useless unless there is a backup in place. However, any piece of equipment can go wrong from speakers and lights to cables and microphones. I always bring backup for every piece of equipment used on the night. There are so many technical issues that can arise, too many to list here, but as a general guide to give you peace of mind when booking a DJ, ask what provisions they have for equipment failure. Watch out for “I’ve got a mate I can borrow equipment off” this usually translates into “I have no real provision” 

“One eye on the door”

Understandably, clients often worry about the reliability of the DJ they have booked, will they turn up on time? or indeed turn up?. As a result, the Bride and Groom often find themselves keeping one eye on the door as
the arrival time of the DJ approaches which slightly distracts from enjoying the day. Like most professional DJ’s, I have never let anyone down, but for extra peace of mind, there is the option to ask your DJ to setup and test the equipment in the morning at the venue. Most DJ’s will be happy to do this for an extra small charge, subject to how far they have to travel. Early setup will go some way in helping the bride and groom to relax. However, there are some safety issues to consider if you’re asking your DJ to setup early and the DJ is not staying. Sound and light equipment acts as a magnet for children who are naturally inquisitive and speakers and lights are usually mounted on stands and are potential hazards due to the substantial weight of these items. Therefore, it’s very important that children are kept away from the equipment for their own safety and it might be a good idea to brief parents before the actual day about the dangers.
Cheap DJ v's the more expensive DJ

So why is the expensive DJ so expensive? The saying “you get what you pay for” is’ not always true, but a simple answer to the question would be to explain the trap of the catch 22 situation that the cheaper DJ finds themselves in, and more importantly, the situation that the client is placed into for unwittingly getting a cheap deal. He’s cheap!, happy days for the client, but what about replacing equipment as it naturally wears out?, it becomes a simple case of economics and the best examples of how this may affect your event are as follows. Scenario one: correct and valid vehicle insurance is expensive, Low priced DJ’s often don’t have valid vehicle insurance, This may not seem like an issue for the client, but if the DJ gets pulled over by the police on their way to the venue, the police will seize vehicle for not having valid insurance resulting in a now show for your event. Scenario two: cheap speakers are NOT capable of efficiently dealing with larger crowd capacities and do not produce high definition sound resulting in ear piercing sound or speaker failure. The bottom line is no money to buy backup equipment or indeed any high quality professional sound and light equipment. The above may seem extreme and scare mongering, but things do go wrong.